Resolve Laboratories is an analytical testing facility in Melbourne, Australia. We have been operating since 2016 and are quickly becoming a robust player within the industry. Thanks to our expertise and modern analytical techniques.

We actively engage with clients to define the perfect analytical question. This is achieved by understanding the difficulties that they are facing within their business. The process allows us to provide clients with more than a result. We produce a clear and accurate answer to their problems.

Resolve Laboratories supports a broad variety of industries including agricultural, food, e-liquids, environmental, oil, and gas. The laboratory services we offer are based on international, national, and industry specific standards. We continuously reassess standards to ensure our methods are up to date.

Resolve Laboratories | Analytical Testing Facility, Melbourne Australia

Quality Control

Method Development

Analytical Validation

Impurity Profiling

Stability Studies.

Our team of highly experienced analytical technicians provide a range of studies including quality control, method development, analytical validation, impurity profiling, and stability studies.

We strive to provide trustworthy and accurate results in a timely manner for all our customers. Our competitive price does not compromise the high standard of analytical services we provide.

Continuously striving for improvement, we are currently pursuing our goal to become ISO/IEC 17025 accredited in 2019.

Resolve Laboratories contracted testing services are customisable to suit your individual requirements.

Please contact us today to discuss how our laboratory testing services can help you and your business.

How can Resolve Laboratories help me and my business?

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