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We provide a full arrange of analytical services for both big and small business.

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We are an Australian contract laboratory that has the capabilities to investigate an exhaustive range of products. Our philosophy is to make chemistry easy, understandable and accessible to whole public. This will empower everyone, from hobbyist, small business owners to cooperation to improve their methods and products.

As a contract laboratory we can be hired to investigate and answer any questions that a client might have regarding their products or methods. Comprehensive and a friendly customer service experience with well trained staff with assist you in translating your question into a chemical research project. After investigating the issue for you and finding the answer we will translate it again back to you in a clear and understandable way, helping you to move forward with your method and products. Using a single contact manager, we can offer an easy and personalised experience into the immensely helpful world of chemistry and statistics for any business.

Quality Control

To assure the quality of your product we can analyse the chemical content of your product. Whether you are a farmer who wants to one-time determine the level of pesticides in the soil, or a producer of e-liquids who wants to continuously check the levels of impurities in the product, we can be of assistance.

Impurity Profiling

Sometimes it is unknown which impurities or contaminations can be either present in the product or form during the lifetime of the product itself. In these situations Resolve Laboratories can perform impurity profiling. The product will be forcefully degraded using different approaches and all newly formed compounds will be identified.

Stability Studies.

In order to increase the shelf life of products stability studies can be performed. During stability studies products can be stored at different conditions to expedite the process. The products are continuously analysed to examine if the quality of the product is still within specifications. When the stability study is successful it can be used as evidence and argumentation for increasing the shelf life displayed on the product.

Method Development

New method can be developed to analyse compounds of the customers need. Resolve Laboratories has a broad array of analytical techniques available for chemical testing. We can develop methods to analyse your compound of interest in the matrix of your product.

Analytical Validation

Method validation is an integral part of method development, where the newly developed method is determined to be specific for the intended use. It defines the outermost specifications where the method still produces reliable and suitable results. Resolve Laboratories validation protocols are based upon the guidelines as defined by the The International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH)